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Published Articles & Blogs

Ben has published numerous articles related to rockets, the launch sector and space in general. Some of those articles are shared here, along with some key blog posts relating to rocket design, launch safety and other subjects upon which ben continues to write and offer advice and guidance. 

If you fly into space, do you automatically get to call yourself an astronaut? The advent of 'space tourists' has opened up this debate and Ben gives his opinion on what it takes to earn that prestigious title.

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Almost a decade ago the UK made a commitment to achieving sovereign space launch capability. As the first launch to space from UK soil approaches, Ben asks if the economic and social benefits will be realised.



Internationally the boundary of 'space' is defined as 100km above the surface of the Earth, or the 'Karman Line'. This definition however isn't universally accepted and some scientists believe the boundary should be redefined with the emerging space-tourism market being the group most affected by such proposals.


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