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Ben has had a diverse career that has made him a very valuable to space education and to the UK space sector as a whole. As the UK heads towards space-launch in the coming years it is facing a concerning lack of practical experience with rockets, launch activity, range safety and the realities of what works and what doesn't with launch legislation.

Ben's unique level of experience across not just rocket engineering but also UK airspace legislation, range safety, education and training make him useful as a consultant in his own right and a critical asset to the sector to help train and develop new talent in rocket design, propulsion and launch.


Skills and Experience:

Rocketry/Launch Skills

  • Over 1600 personal rocket launches completed across 32 years

  • Over 800 personal 'High Power' launches completed

  • 5 hybrid rocket engine systems designed, built and flight tested

  • Significant experience with handling/use of APCP solid fuel motor systems

  • Over 20 supersonic rocket flights made

  • Design, fabrication and operation of launch vehicles up to 0.5 ton launch mass

  • Level 3 Range Safety Officer for over 24 years

  • Globally unique experience in the safe recovery of payloads from high altitude/high velocity

  • Launch experience in four different countries

  • Engineering training - multidisciplinary

  • Machining/fabrication skills in most materials

  • Technical drawing and component design/specification - formal training

  • Design and fabrication of launch equipment and infrastructure

  • Involvement in drafting and responding to launch regulation in the UK for 25 years+

  • CAD experience inc 3D and design for rapid-prototyping technologies

  • Work on 15+ different TV shows and films using rockets and rocket engines safely

  • Secured airspace clearance/permission for over 50 rocket launches/launch events in the UK over 20+ years

  • Significant experience in 'boosted dart' designs and other methods of achieving extreme altitude with small vehicles

Education/Outreach/STEM Skills:

  • Developed multiple educational workshops teaching space-science

  • Worked with multiple national museums/bodies to develop bespoke space themed content/workshops

  • Personally delivered hands-on workshops to over 1000 students between primary and undergraduate levels

  • Helped secure UKSA funding for rocket launch capability for ESERO UK CanSat competition

  • Launched over 100 CanSat payloads for students across multiple events and competitions

  • Worked with multiple students and educational establishments to deliver launch capability for research payloads

  • Advised multiple university teams on rocket design for International competitions

  • 20+ years mentoring experience in amateur rocketry/certifications

  • Designed and fabricated props and equipment for multiple educational events and workshops

Business & Other Skills:

  • Founded and run four limited companies over 18 years

  • Managed teams of up to 8 staff

  • Recruited for technical and business roles

  • Raised private equity finance for two businesses

  • Experience of basic business accounting for SME's including VAT returns and other key documentation

  • Marketing experience including developing and executing print and online campaigns

  • Technical and commercial copywriting including over 20 published print articles

  • Graphic design skills including creating identities and brand guides for 8 companies/organisations

  • Professional photography experience including product, scientific and event photography

  • Skilled in the commercial use of most standard office software inc: MS Office suite

  • Skilled in the commercial use of most Adobe creative software inc: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

  • Confident public speaker having given dozens of live and online talks to audiences of up to 4000

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